Welcome to Final Fantasy Nexus, a masterlist for Square Enix roleplayers. Make new friends, meet new people and participate in exclusive "members only" events and competitions.

This is an open group for any interested roleplayer.

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♔ - Audition Form:

Name: doesn’t have to be your real name.
Time Zone:
Did you read the guidelines?:
Are you sure?:
Are you absolutely positive?:
I’m sorry:
Can you be active?:
Are you able to roleplay 1 paragraph or more?

So, what character are you interested in being?:
From what game?:
Are you sure you can portray the character’s persona comfortably?:
Have you been this character before?:
Are you certain you really want this character’s position?:
Tell us how you feel about the character:

Please reply to one (or more if you want!) of the following prompts in a couple of paragraphs, or what you feel comfortable with!

★ - Your character’s thoughts and description on another/friend/family.

★ - Quick! Someone is yelling for help in an alley, but you are uncertain of what is going on, what does your character do?

★ - Awesome, your character just defeated their arch nemesis! What does your character feel?

★ - How cute, someone just admitted their feelings to your character. What do you do/say/think?

★ - Great, a zombie apocalypse. Without the nifty help of magic or materia, you’ve been running relentlessly for hours. Your character is running low on ammo, and a herd of infected are closing in on you. What does your character do? 

★ - Welcome to the Final Fantasy Nexus!

Here are just some simple guidelines that you should look over before sending in an application. We’re lenient, but that doesn’t mean we’ll let you get away with anything intolerable or immature acts that go against these following rules:

♔ - Respect. That’s all I ask of you. If you have drama with any of the staff or other members, keep it to yourself. I really don’t tolerate drama at all and I try all means necessary to avoid it. I don’t want that stuff here, okay? If you have a problem with us, then deal with it or face us in a mature and civilized manner (meaning to come to our ask box, please). Spreading rumors or lies without validation is really elementary, and we’re all above that, right? 

♔ - Stealing is bad. Don’t do it. that’s all. You will be black-listed if you steal from us. Stealing would include taking the coding off the layouts/Tumblr-pages we make for you and claiming it as your own, cropping the watermark off of edits we make, ideas & concepts and anything else that originated from here

♔ - Be active — make time. We all know that people have lives outside of roleplay, but if you are inactive for more than a week without notification on a hiatus, you will be removed from the list. That doesn’t mean you can try again. Once your situation allows you more time, you are more than welcome to sign up again.

♔ - You must have time to post a 2+ paragraph role-play 3 to 4 times a week. It’s not much, and you have enough time for socializing or anything else. Just try to keep as active as possible. Don’t apply if you know you’ll be inactive. It’ll save us both time.

♔ - NO SIDE BLOGS. Audition with your normal Tumblr, and when you get accepted make a new Tumblr and give us the URL.

♔ - Once you are accepted, please follow everyone on the masterlist and greet them! 

♔ - Notify us if you’re going on a hiatus or you changed your URL.

♔ - You are allowed to audition for more than one character, but you are only allowed to have one main/major character. Speak with the admin if you have questions on more characters.

♔ - Reservations last for 72 hours. Once you are accepted, you have 24 hours to make/give us the profile you will be roleplaying with.

♔ - Remember to always tag your roleplays!

♔ - HAVE. FUN.